Najib Hopes Trial Broadcast Will Finally Give Him Some Exposure

PETALING JAYA: There was a mood of optimism in the Najib Razak camp this morning as the possibility of a live telecast of his upcoming money laundering trial might finally get the famously low-profile former PM some much-needed exposure.

“Other than almost daily newspaper and web portal coverage, orchestrated public appearances, twitter, and facebook posts crafted by his social media team, Malaysians have hardly heard from Najib since he lost the May 9th election,” explained former leader publicity analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar, “he’s clearly suffering from under-exposure.”

“Putting Najib on TV every day will help him connect with his support base, gather sympathy, and counter the Pakatan government’s suppressive regime.”

Should the 1MDB and SRC International trials be televised, supporters will be able to binge-watch proceedings on a new streaming service his publicity team are producing called, ‘Jibflix.’

“Najib would’ve loved to have explained the truth about 1MDB during his term as PM, but even with executive power and a govt-friendly media, his hands were tied.”

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