Equanimity Would’ve Fetched More With Bikini Models, Jho Low Says

CHINA: Speaking through his highly paid lawyers, fugitive businessman Jho Low slammed the Malaysian government’s incompetence at trying to sell his luxury yacht without properly furnishing it with super models.

“Rich people aren’t going to travel to Malaysia to buy a 90-foot yacht without accessories,” he said via a spokesman, “Genting paying US$126 million is a fire sale price.”

“If this Pakatan govt had any brains, they’d have asked me to set up a special purpose company in the Caymans, borrow at high interest rates, and spend it on the best DJ’s, clueless Hollywood actors, supermodels and champagne to sweeten the auction. “

“The fact the government never thought to do this shows just how out of touch they are with ordinary, typical billionaires.”

Experts say adopting the above selling strategy would cost US$12 Million and likely only boost Equanimity’s selling price by a few Million. In response Low said, “Sometimes you have to spend money to make money,”

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