April Najib Demands Oct Najib Apologise For Saying Pink Diamond Was A Gift From UAE Prince

RANTAU: Today, campaigning former Prime Minister Najib Razak demanded a younger version of himself head to his ‘apology room,’ for spreading lies about the USD27million pink diamond now that customs papers have proven it was never bought by his wife.

“October Najib lied and told Al Jazeera the 22-carat pink diamond was a gift from the Prince of the United Arab Emirates which his wife never received. He should jump through a time travel wormhole and apologise to April Najib and his poor wife right away,” explained pink diamond testimony backflip analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar,

April Najib recently confirmed his wife ‘only looked’ at the $27million pink diamond when an agent brought it to the Razak family home.

“While Najib and Rosmah feel vindicated, Malaysians are also relieved they don’t have a leader whose wife secretly shops through visiting million-dollar jewellery merchants. It’s a win-win all around!”

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