Scientists Photograph Black Hole Containing Felda’s Money

CHILE: With a massive Event Horizon Telescope, and a Huawei P30 Pro, a team of astronomers have revealed the first real image of the massive black hole Malaysia’s Federal Land Development Authority’s money vanished into.

“This black hole is huge, about 40 billion km across and 6 billion times bigger than the sun,” explained Dutch professor, Jan Van Der Borst,

“From what we can see, the black hole sucked billions out of Felda in the form of terrible investments in Park City Plaza and Grand Plaza London, Eagle high Plantations Indonesia, KL Vertical City, and the Grand Borneo hotel, plus generous management salaries and VIP travel.”

Scientists say they are working on photographing two other identified black holes which they are calling, ‘Tabung Haji’ and ‘1MDB.’

Malaysia’s Opposition blamed the Pakatan government for the black holes noting none were ever photographed before the May 9 polls.

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