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MAS Flight Grounded Until Everyone Comfortable With Inflight Magazine

KLIA: Customers traveling on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) flight MH784 to Bangkok this morning were delayed.

Govt Calls On Mamak Eateries To Cut Sugar, Not Sell Cigarettes, Install Crossfit Gyms

NATION: Health Ministry officials today lauded Nasi Kandar chain, Pelita’s decision to no longer sell.

Parent Heartbreak As Daughter Returns From UK College Without British Accent

PETALING JAYA: There was a sombre mood in the Sim family household this weekend, as.

Najib Suggests Trial Be Delayed Until 30th February

KUALA LUMPUR: The legal team acting for former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak continued.

Rosak Van DVD Player Leaves Boy No Choice But To Look Out Window

SUBANG JAYA: Joseph Lim’s ride to school took a tragic turn this morning after a.

Cameron Highlands Takes 10-Year Challenge

In a series of posts garnering interest online, the Cameron Highlands hopped onboard the latest.

Bangsar Expat Impresses Friends By Saying ‘Terima Kasih’

The visiting colleagues of Pearce Walter were treated to some Bahasa this afternoon after the.

Govt Unveils Anwar Countdown Clock

NATION: In an effort to end the power struggle between factions, party lobbyists and civil.

Homeowner Alarmed By Multiple Cross Sightings Out Own Window

KUALA LUMPUR:  The residence of Abdullah Bin Bakar was on high alert this evening after.

Poll Reveals 90% Of M’sians Who Received Personal Cheques From Najib, Miss His Leadership

NATION: In a poll sure to worry the Pakatan Harapan government, an overwhelming 90% of.

Overworked Journalists To Spend 2019 Ripping Stories Off The Coverage

KUALA LUMPUR: Weary from the never-ending pressures of attending press conferences, interviewing subjects, researching, and.

Police Introduce Marie Kondo-Style House Decluttering Service

PETALING JAYA: With the new Netflix show ‘Tidying Up’ proving to be a hit with.

Drowning M’sian Insists Only Someone Of His Race Should Save Him

MELAKA: Today a 29-year-old Malaysian visiting a local beach admitted to being in distress after.

China Apologises For 1MDB Bailout – Offers To Make 3rd National Car For M’sia In Return

BEIJING: Senior Chinese officials who negotiated US$34 billion of overpriced infrastructure deals for the Najib.

Nation’s Passive Smokers Suffer Withdrawal

EVERYWHERE BUT SARAWAK: The nation’s second-hand smokers admitted to experiencing withdrawal today only hours after.

Malaysia Developing Driverless Car Capable Of Tailgating, Using Emergency Lanes

CYBERJAYA:   Today local technology startup Hia Today Bhd announced its new autonomous driver upgrade was.

Lim Kok Wing University Introduces Course In Handling Opportunistic Tweet Backlash

CYBERJAYA:  Students taking creative courses on Lim Kok Wing campuses have discovered in addition to.

Nation spends day forwarding WhatsApp Christmas videos

NATION: Today Malaysians awoke on Christmas morning excited to discover that last night as they.

Pas Youth Wish Malaysians A Merry Tuesday

KUALA TERENGGANU :  In a special press conference, sources close to PAS Youth Chief Muhammad.

Transport Minister Warns Inbound Flying Sleigh To Respect M’sian Airspace Regulations

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia’s Transport Minister Anthony Loke has warned an approaching reindeer-powered flying sleigh that like.