Local Baby Defends Decision To Remove Hijab

SHAH ALAM: 5-month-old Nayla Binti Amar had tiny fists shaking in condemnation this week after.

April Najib Demands Oct Najib Apologise For Saying Pink Diamond Was A Gift From UAE Prince

RANTAU: Today, campaigning former Prime Minister Najib Razak demanded a younger version of himself head.

Nation Transitions From Kleptocracy To Disappointocracy

NATION: Malaysia declared itself a disappointocracy at approximately 11pm last night as the nation’s voters,.

M’sians Working In Syria To Be Brought Home By Talent Corp

PUTRAJAYA: As part of Malaysia’s human resources initiatives, Talent Corp has been deployed to Damascus.

Police Propose London Workshop To Review All Unnecessary Overseas Trips

PUTRAJAYA: With the Pakatan government under fire for allowing the IGP and his entourage to.

Hearts Won In Semenyih Routed To The Caymans

KUALA LUMPUR: In a series of complex transactions, a substantial proportion of the hearts won.

Transport Minister Warns Inbound Flying Sleigh To Respect M’sian Airspace Regulations

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia’s Transport Minister Anthony Loke has warned an approaching reindeer-powered flying sleigh that like.

Govt Disappointed Equanimity Bidders Shopping Like It’s Their Own Money

LANGKAWI: Lawyers acting on behalf of the government have reported a disappointing first round of.

Govt Says When It Comes To Criminalising Marital Rape No Means No

PUTRAJAYA:  After facing backlash from women’s groups sources close to Deputy Law Minister Mohamed Hanipa.

Proud Dad Jho Low Watches Son Open His First Cayman Island Bank Account

CHINA: As they watched closely, two-year-old, Jason Low delighted his proud fugitive parents today by.

Port Dickson MP fined RM2k For Anwar Parking Space ‘Chope’

PETALING JAYA:  Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah has found himself the first person to be fined.

Najib’s Son Almost Considers Selling World Cup Tickets To Pay Sister’s Medical Bills

MOSCOW: The son of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Nazif Najib leaped into an imaginary victory.

Najib Apologises After Returning Donations Through Force Of Habit

KUALA LUMPUR: The newly unveiled ‘Solidariti Bersama Datuk Najib’ suffered a setback this afternoon after.

Japanese World Cup Fans Clean Up After Najib’s Supporters

JALAN DUTA: Following this morning’s tense showdown between former premier Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s.

M’sian In Dubai Says Earth Moved Beneath His Feet Today

DUBAI: A Malaysian temporarily residing in the United Emirates reported geological tremors today. Witnesses say.

Wife Unimpressed With Husband’s Manifesto

SEREMBAN:  After his marriage was dissolved weeks ago, husband Abdullah Bin Bakar has taken the.

Bung Moktar Prosperity Obesity Link Lauded By Imaginary 400KG Robert Kuok

HONG KONG:  Some of the many personal chefs employed by an imaginary 400KG Robert Kuok.

Netizens Say Plane Nudist Was Only Adjusting His Robes

DHAKA: Bangladeshi netizens have slammed the perverts who took pictures of a naked man flying.

God Sends Flood To Punish #UndiRosak Movement

KLANG VALLEY:  Religious experts on both sides of the political divide have confirmed this evening’s.

Anwar Visited By Long-Lost Uncle Khathir

KUALA LUMPUR: Touching scenes at Hospital Kuala Lumpur this afternoon as jailed defacto PKR leader,.