Cabbies Demand Govt Make Grabcars Smell As Bad As Taxis

NATION:  Today protesting taxi drivers demanded Transport Minister Anthony Loke level the playing field in.

Adopting Jho Low Defense, Bank Robbers Claim Innocence As They Don’t Officially Work There

PETALING JAYA: Today three robbers caught on video carting ATM machines out of a Sungai.

Drivers Taught Paying Speeding Fines Doesn’t Pay

NATION: The 675,000 Malaysian motorists who took the previous government’s automated enforcement system (AES) summons.

Ex-Intel Chief: Leaker Betraying Nation By Revealing CIA Letter Betraying Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) head Datuk Hasanah Abdul Hamid’s filed a.

Zakir Naik Proves He’s A Real Malaysian By Telling India He’s ‘On The Way’

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysian govt officials defended the decision to allow Islamic televangelist Dr. Zakir.

Ex-Jailed Opposition Leader Endorses Leader Who Jails Opposition

ISTANBUL: This week, an until recently imprisoned Malaysian government critic endorsed the reelection of a.

Husband OK With Son-In-Law Gifting Wife More Luxury Handbags Than He Does

LANGKAWI: The nation’s marriage analysts were left puzzled today after a sensitive husband admtted in.

Outgoing Election Commission Chief Told To Wait Until 3AM For His Severance Pay To Be Announced

PUTRAJAYA: High placed sources have confirmed outgoing Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah.

‘Document Shredder Hamper Raya’ A Hit With BN MPs

MALAYSIA:  With Aidilfitri not far away, several online stores have confirmed ‘paper shredder hampers’ are.

Three Weeks After Breakup Ex Still Messaging You Late At Night

MALAYSIA: Three weeks after breaking up, the nation’s ex is still sending out messages late.

Police Deny Rumour Money Counting Slow Because Election Commission Helping

KUALA LUMPUR: Commercial Crime Investigations Department (CCID) officials today confirmed they were making steady progress.

M’sian Waking From 10-Day Coma Told This Isn’t An Alternate Universe

KLANG: After waking this morning from a 10-day coma and regarding the strange new world.

First Lady’s Departure A Blow To Local Photoshop Industry

TTDI: Despite the promise of strong future economic prospects, the nation’s newly elected Pakatan Harapan.

Nation Has That Fresh New Government Smell

MALAYSIA: After what seemed like an eternity of electoral tyre kicking, at 10 PM last.

Surgeons Retrieve Panelist’s Retracted Balls

PETALING JAYA: A team of surgeons at Hospital Kuala Lumpur announced they have successfully located.

Nothing Fishy About ‘Friends’ Depositing Cash In ATMS All Over Australia Then Not Wanting Seized Money, Police Confirm

KUALA LUMPUR: Sources close to the Inspector-General of Police confirmed today there’s nothing suspicious about.

Dealers Accuse Proton Of Acting Like A Business

KUALA LUMPUR: Today members of the Malaysian Association of Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders (PEKEMA).

Report: Disadvantaged M’sian Children Forced To Eat Meals Without Ipads

  KUALA LUMPUR:  A study conducted by parental experts has revealed the alarming statistic that.

Nestle To Make Milo Healthier By Adding More Athletic Pictures Per Average Serving

KUALA LUMPUR: Today Milo maker Nestle responded to online critics suggesting sweet chocolate powder might.

Heroes Sell Nasi Lemak Due To Shortage Of Villain Opportunities

MALAYSIA – Today the government reminded Malaysians not to look down on qualified superheroes who.