No Point Being On Time Because Everyone Else Will Be Late, Nation Confirms

NATION: Malaysians with plans this evening have said there’s no point arriving on time because.

Commuter Saves 2 Seconds By Barging Onto LRT Before Others Get Off

KUALA LUMPUR: An LRT user who barged his way onto a train at Taman Jaya.

Bangsar Expat Impresses Friends By Saying ‘Terima Kasih’

The visiting colleagues of Pearce Walter were treated to some Bahasa this afternoon after the.

Nation spends day forwarding WhatsApp Christmas videos

NATION: Today Malaysians awoke on Christmas morning excited to discover that last night as they.

No Need For Compulsory Child Seats When We Have Bibik Arms, Drivers Say

  NATION:    Motorists have questioned the Transport Ministry’s plan to make buckling up a.

Malaysian Guruji clears minds while emptying wallets

PETALING JAYA : Celestial voyager, motivational speaker and self-confessed trans-dimensional party animal, Guruji Moolah Maharishi.

Relationship Progresses To Share Netflix Password Stage

SS2: After much cajoling from couple friends bragging about having ‘something special’, last week, 26-year-old.

Men Reminded Not To Judge Women By Selfie Filtered Looks Alone

NATION: Malaysian men have been reminded not to judge women solely on the attractiveness of.

Proud Dad Keeps Kid’s Photo Where His Money Used To Be

Happy Father’s Day to all our proud Dads from The Tapir Times

Budget Travelers Gather Round KLIA2 Charging Outlets Like Ancient Ancestors Once Did Around Fire

SEPANG: At 1AM last night, international travellers laying over at KLIA2 Gate P departure hall.

Eatery’s Street Food Tastes Like Street

BANGSAR: Malaysia’s pothole food aficionados were dealt a harsh blow by Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

We’re Finally Ridding The Country Of Thieves! Cheers Man Selling Deadpool 2 DVDs

SS2: Today a seller of RM15 blu-ray discs and RM7 DVDs lauded the government establishing.

Hermes Denies Pavilion Apartment Warehouse Sale Rumours

Submitted by senior field correspondent EJ; Malaysia just achieved another global first last night, when.

M’sians Urged Not To Vote The Way They Park

  NATION: Democracy experts have warned of a possible increase in unintentionally spoilt ballot papers.

Using Signal Only Helps Enemies Cut You Off, Drivers Warn

PETALING JAYA:  A local driver who instinctively used his indicator light to signal his intention.

After Seeing How Ex Looks Now, MLTR Singer Says Lucky He Was 25 Minutes Too Late

COPENHAGEN: After a chance encounter in a local cafe recently, singer-songwriter Jascha Richter from Danish.

Man Foolishly Believes Girlfriend Who Said She Wants Nothing For Valentines Day

SS2: 26-year-old Kelvin Yap today courageously believed his longtime girlfriend Alice on the weekend when.

Singapore Escobar Owner Apologises, Will Rename Restaurant ‘El Chapo’

SINGAPORE:  Tonight sources close to a controversial China Square nightspot ‘Escobar,’ which had offended locals.

Commuters Spending 2 Hours A Year Behind Cars Jamming Smart Tag Lanes, Study Reveals

KLANG VALLEY:  A comprehensive commuter driving habits study has confirmed the average KL commuter spends.

New KLIA2 Passenger Charge Only 4 Sen Per Step

KLIA2:  Malaysia Aviation Commission (Mavcom) officials confirmed today they have finally resolved their ongoing dispute.