Shafee Requests Further Trial Adjournment After Being Poked In Eye By Pet Bird

PUTRAJAYA: Sources close to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s defense team have indicated his lead.

Police Mull Doubling Outstanding Summons Before Announcing 50% Discount

PUTRAJAYA: Traffic police who report they can only collect 30% of the millions of summonses.

Cameron Highlands Takes 10-Year Challenge

In a series of posts garnering interest online, the Cameron Highlands hopped onboard the latest.

Singapore Accuses Malaysia Of Acting Like It Has A New Govt

SINGAPORE: Supporters of Singapore Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan today slammed Malaysia for inconveniently revisiting.

Loyalists Suggest Putrajaya Go Back To Barisan So Anwar Can Lead Pakatan To Victory

KUALA LUMPUR: Facing backlash for staging a Port Dickson by-election, loyalists close to Datuk Seri.

Sedition Report Saves Nation From Collapsing Into Rational Discussion

KUALA LUMPUR: Experts following the case of Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri today urged Malaysians not.

Foreign Cook Ban: Nation’s Youth Enlisted For Mandatory Hawker Stall Duty

PETALING JAYA:  Today the Human Resource Ministry announced all 18-year-old men and women will be.

Papa Says You Can’t Have New Train Set Because Credit Card Maxed Out

PUTRAJAYA:  Still in shock after receiving a 1 trillion ringgit credit card statement, our nation’s.

Stolen Billions We Can Live With But Night Raids Uncalled For, Neighbours Say

TAMAN DUTA:  Today neighbours spoke out against the late-night raid on former Prime Minister Najib.

Man Denied Holiday Leave Resigns

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today a Malaysian man quit his job after being unable to get approval.

POLITICS: Royals Urged To Speak Up When We Agree With Them And Not Meddle When We Don’t

MALAYSIA: As election fever sweeps the nation and with Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan.

MACC Shows Up Indonesian Police By Seizing Luxury Sampan

PENANG: In an apparent tit for tat response to yesterday’s Bali seizure of the 1MDB-linked.

Visit Malaysia Logo Will Torment Artists Until They Design Better One For Free, Ministry Says

PUTRAJAYA: Weighing in on the outrage sparked by the recently unveiled Visit Malaysia 2020 logo,.

Opposition Launches Maafcoin Cryptocurrency

NATION: In what is being hailed as a world first, Pakatan Harapan blockchain experts announced.

18 Years Old Enough For Army But Too Young For Polling Booth

MALAYSIA: Today democratic experts hailed the nation’s current policy of allowing 18-year-olds to voluntarily join.

M’sia Very Liveable Says Expat On RM40K Monthly Salary

NATION: Malaysians struggling to make ends meet had their spirits lifted this week after an.

Molesting Cardboard Shell Models Completely Normal Say Doll Owners

  TOKYO:   Japanese Hiroki Fook and girlfriend Mayu Lovebot#34578 today defended the Malaysians recently photographed.

State govt asked how contractors can afford RM180,000 trees not dead, only hibernating

KUALA TERENGGANU:  Today botanists confirmed like the exotic trees seen on Bandar Baharu Kuala Nerus,.

RM21.50 Per Pack For Cigarettes A Great Idea Say Smugglers

KOTA BARU:  Today the nation’s cigarette smugglers praised Deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya’s decision.

Govt fights fake news by blasting Bernama updates at Penang

KEDAH:  Heeding Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s recent call to fight fake news bent on.