MACC ‘questioning spa’ tackles corruption

Submitted by Lavender Scented Bliss Editor, PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has come.

Mat salleh sperm bank flees Malaysian sex machine

Submitted by White Men Can’t Hump Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Today the nation put aside concerns.

Motorists queue ahead of economic rhetoric increase

Submitted by Fossil Fuels Editor, MALAYSIA:  Motorists across the country queued  last night for RON95.

Barisan Nasional kids become rich A-holes

Submitted by Spoilt Rotten Editor,   PUTRAJAYA: The health ministry has set up a strategic.

DPM and UAE Minister talk CRAP*

Submitted by FMN FLAE KL:  The Malaysian DPM greeted the arriving UAE CM for Ministry.

Police seize pornography

Submitted by Contraband editor,       KUALA LUMPUR:  Police have been cracking down on.

Leaked SPM exam questions

  Editor – Please feel free to leave your answers below;     This did.

Education Ministry “guidelines” help parents identify politicians


Photoshopped people snub Prime Minister’s Open House

      Submitted by Cut and Paste Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:   Opposition fanatics have.

PM drives taxi to boost tourism

Submitted by: Tourism Editor PUTRAJAYA:  Honeymooners from Tehran, Adib Mehrad and his new wife Giti.

Government welcomes one international expert

Submitted by: Foreign expert Editor   PUTRAJAYA:  Barisan Nasional politicians were thrilled to report over.

Parachute Scandal: Corruption suspected

Submitted by: Army Corruption Watch Editor MALACCA: The Malaysian elite 10th Paratrooper Brigade has called.

Panda Vigilante squad tackle street crime

Submitted by: Crime Buster Editor MALACCA: Minister for Information and Barisan Nasional ‘young gun’ since.

Tourism Ministry relocates to Australia

Submitted by: Australian Holiday Editor MELBOURNE:  Minister for Tourism and setting up million dollar Facebook.

Young couple charged with close proximity

Submitted by: Editor in Chief Kuala Lumpur:  Two unmarried college students were charged with khalwat.

Unimportant MP speaks through rectum

Submitted by: Political Rantings Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Parliamentary question time was thrown into chaos last.

Injured police officers share evidence of Bersih protestor brutality

Submitted by: Editor in Chief Kuala Lumpur:  Several Officers of the Royal Malaysian Police serving.

PM: We can be like Spain

Submitted by: Editor in Chief PUTRAJAYA:  In an attempt to get enthusiasm for the Euro.

Zombies threaten to storm Putrajaya

Submitted by our Spiritual Editor   KUALA LUMPUR:  Madam Si Spu Ki a certified psychic.

Mat Rempit files damage suit

Submitted by: Editor in Chief     KLANG:  A 21-year-old member of the notorious Mat.