Realistic Male Sex Robot Rolls Over And Goes To Sleep After 2 Minutes

BUTTERWORTH: Local tech startup Hia Today Bhd, unveiled Malaysia’s entry into the burgeoning love doll.

Inspired by PM, local sperm bank returns donations

PUCHONG:  Today, local sperm bank Designer Babies 4U announced it would follow the Prime Minister’s.

Malaysian Government Considers Allowing Gay Marriage To Stamp Out Gay Sex

KUALA LUMPUR: Today, the Malaysian government revealed it like the US, could legalise Gay marriage.

Bangsar South Couple Demand Full 1MDB Transparency In 30-Minute Public Protest

BANGSAR:  This week, a couple demanded the government publicly disclose full details of their 1MDB.

Manager of KL’s Beach Club Warns Opening Hooters Restaurants Will Hurt Malaysia’s Reputation

KUALA LUMPUR:  Last night, Sum Ting Wong a manager at Jalan P.Ramlee’s internationally famous Beach.

Sexually active, orgasmic women live 10% longer, say scientists who really should be curing Ebola

Submitted by High Priority Research Editor, MANCHESTER: Today, the scientific community released groundbreaking new research.

Experts: It’s not our fault we don’t believe transgenders have rights, we were just born this way!

KUALA LUMPUR:  Following last week’s Court of Appeal ruling, today those who oppose the right.

Ridhuan Tee warns AirAsia WiFi enables sky-high WeChat sex hook-ups

Submitted by Airborne Morality Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Writer and well-known aviation services expert, Ridhuan Tee,.

Malaysian comfort women warn volatile Isis militants could go off at any time

  MIDDLE EAST:  Brave Malaysian comfort women have been boosting the morale of militants by.

Ipoh newlyweds rush home to rip each other’s clothes back on

Submitted by Fully Clothed Consummation Editor, IPOH:  A semi-nude couple that took social media feeds.

Man who brings lube to work meetings claims reputation worth RM50Mil

Submitted by Frictionless Employee Reputation Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  A promising executive who admits to bringing.

Cops detain massage chairs in anti-vice raid

Submitted by Happy Ending Sofa Editor, SHAH ALAM:  Selangor police conducting anti-vice raids have detained.

MCA: Wish we were as hot as sex bloggers

  Submitted by Online Smut Editor,   JOHOR:  Malaysians have been publicly disgusted and privately.