Astro Urges Govt To Shut Down Android Boxes When It Rains

PETALING JAYA: In an attempt to win back subscribers, Astro has called for the government.

Malaysia Developing Driverless Car Capable Of Tailgating, Using Emergency Lanes

CYBERJAYA:   Today local technology startup Hia Today Bhd announced its new autonomous driver upgrade was.

China Proposes Cheaper High Speed Bus To Singapore

BEIJING: Disappointed after learning Prime Minister Tun Mahathir will scrap Malaysia’s RM100bil high-speed rail service.

Malaysian Shares Fake News

  KUALA LUMPUR: 31-year-old Abdullah Abu Bakar has been accused of sharing false news online.

Local Robots Say Jobs Under Threat From Low-Paid Foreign Robots
RM69.6mil Jackpot Winner Still Saying iPhone X Too Expensive

  PENANG: The winner of a RM69.6mil jackpot, the largest ever in Malaysia’s history has.

Zairil’s ‘fake photo’ defence inspires thousands caught by speed cameras

KUALA LUMPUR:   Today the 10,000 plus motorists caught on speed camera by the Road Transport.

PM’s New App Lets You Tell Him It Was A Waste Of Money

NATION: Today Malaysians learned there is an official Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak smartphone app.

Malaysia Mulls Banning Apps That Encourage Illegal Assembly

MALAYSIA: In the wake of the failed coup in Turkey, the Home Ministry said today.

Galaxy S7 owner impressed it took longer to drown phone than he thought

PETALING JAYA:  Proud Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owner Kevin Yu, rushed home from the KLCC.

Facebook Introduces Unique Reaction Buttons For Malaysian Netizens

MALAYSIA:  Today Facebook released a series of fun reaction buttons for Malaysian netizens. “Facebook recognises.

Gravitational Waves Detected As Govt’s 1MDB/Donation Explanations Collapse Space, Time & Logic

WASHINGTON:  Today physicists at Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo) announced they have detected gravitational waves caused.

UMNO Cybertroopers Complain Facebook Unlike Button Doubles Workload

MALAYSIA: Today UMNO cybertroopers spoke out against the announcement Facebook will soon introduce an unlike.

World First! Indonesian IT researchers upload Malaysia into the cloud

MALAYSIA:  In a display of technological brilliance, Sumatra based IT start-up, Indo Telekomunikhazi uploaded neighboring.

Nation Protected From Sarawak Report Lies For The Seconds It Takes To Find A VPN Workaround

PUTRAJAYA:  Last night, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Communications Commission (MCMC) requested Internet providers block.

Malaysian’s online Caucasian boyfriend turns out to be Caucasian

AMPANG:   A 42-year-old Malaysian woman was shocked to discover the Caucasian boyfriend she met on.

Internet Firewall To Stop Malaysian Teens Looking At Porn For Seconds Until They Find Proxy Servers

PUTRAJAYA:  Today the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Communications Commission (MCMC) requested Internet providers block access.

Tun Mahathir Kicked Out Of UMNO Whatsapp Chat Group

KUALA LUMPUR; In a move that has shocked party members across the country, former PM.

Arm Selfie Stick Trend Sweeps Nation

MALAYSIA:  Local hipsters have moved away from using regular aluminum selfie sticks in favour of.

New Smartphone App Reveals Who Around You Accepts Bribes

Submitted by Phone Based Business Facilitation Editor, CYBERJAYA: “Find the perfect autocrat to profit in.