Budget Travelers Gather Round KLIA2 Charging Outlets Like Ancient Ancestors Once Did Around Fire

SEPANG: At 1AM last night, international travellers laying over at KLIA2 Gate P departure hall.

AirAsia Introduces Stewardess Uniform Arousal Class

SEPANG: Today world-class budget airline AirAsia Berhard announced a new travel class option in response.

Tony Fernandes Bachelorhood Departs On Schedule

  COTE D’AZUR: The bachelorhood of AirAsia boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes departed on time.

AirAsia US Flights To Be Mostly Americans Fleeing Trump Presidency

SEPANG:  Today AirAsia confirmed it was confident newly announced flights between the United States and.

KLIA2 Should Be Called Long-Walk Carrier Terminal 2 (LWCT2), Say Passengers

SEPANG:  Today loyal AirAsia passengers rejected group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ suggestion KLIA2 should.

Passengers told to hold in sneezes on all AirAsia flights

KUALA LUMPUR:  Hit by multiple flight delays and cancellations due to an unprecedented outbreak of.

Ridhuan Tee warns AirAsia WiFi enables sky-high WeChat sex hook-ups

Submitted by Airborne Morality Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Writer and well-known aviation services expert, Ridhuan Tee,.

AirAsia announces flights from one side of KLIA2 to the other

Submitted by Forced Traveler Retail Therapy Editor, SEPANG:  Foot-weary budget travelers celebrated today after low-cost.

Move to KLIA2 or else we start building KLIA3 AirAsia told

Submitted by Obstinate Airline Editor, SEPANG: In a tersely worded statement, the government today threatened.