Port Dickson MP fined RM2k For Anwar Parking Space ‘Chope’

PETALING JAYA:  Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah has found himself the first person to be fined.

Loyalists Suggest Putrajaya Go Back To Barisan So Anwar Can Lead Pakatan To Victory

KUALA LUMPUR: Facing backlash for staging a Port Dickson by-election, loyalists close to Datuk Seri.

LRT Boy Gives Up Seat For Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR: In a new viral video clip, the polite young boy famously featured in.

Ex-Jailed Opposition Leader Endorses Leader Who Jails Opposition

ISTANBUL: This week, an until recently imprisoned Malaysian government critic endorsed the reelection of a.

PKR warned allowing wives as ‘bench warmer’ PMs sets dangerous precedent

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today political experts warned PKR’s strategy of allowing the wife of a PM.

Dr M, Anwar Not An Official Alliance Until They Dance Together, Expert Suggests

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today political expediency analyst Abdullah Bin Bakar told Malaysians not to get too.

Obama: Anwar arrest shouldn’t affect Malaysia’s democratic history of having the same government

WHITE HOUSE:   Last night, US President Obama hosted a group of young Asean leaders to.

Rumours fly after PM spotted with ‘gay umbrella’

KAMPUNG BARU:  Today Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak sent a subtle message in a photo.

Investigators Sweep 1MDB For Traces Of Anwar DNA

PUTRAJAYA:  A special investigative task force has begun carefully scanning 1MDB offices for traces of.

UMNO Sodomy Roadshow Caterers Wondering Why Attendees Not Trying The Roti Sosej

KUALA LUMPUR:  Caterers touring the country with the UMNO Youth Sodomy Roadshow are baffled as.

Saiful claims attacked and robbed by 70-year-old pensioner after appeal hearing

Submitted by Non-consenting Elderly Encounters Editor, PETALING JAYA:  Sodomy2 complainant, Saiful Bukhari Azlan has demanded.

Anwar rules out marrying Azmin Ali and appointing himself husband of Selangor MB

Submitted by Political Puppetry Editor, SELANGOR:  Utusan’s respected fictional columnist, Awang Selamat reported Opposition leader.

EC postpones by-election to allow PKR time to explain ‘Kajang Move’

Submitted by Give them Enough Rope Editor, . KAJANG:  The Malaysian Election Commission is an.

Anwar tipped to win Kajang by-election unless BN field candidate

Submitted by Vacated Seat By-Election Editor, PETALING JAYA:  In a crowded press conference at the.