Study Finds M’sians Who Receive Unexpected Billions Aren’t Into Asking Questions

PUCHONG: A new targeted study by the Bakar Research Institute (BRI) released today revealed that.

Saudi king’s departure proof RM2.6b donation was returned, expert says

KUALA LUMPUR:   Just like the Saudi Arabian King Salman Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s official visit.

Malaysian Student Says $4.6mil Found In Her Account A Gift For Fighting Isis

SYDNEY:  Today a Malaysian student apprehended while trying to board a flight to KL told.

Saudi Foreign Minister Gives PM Mock Cheque

ISTANBUL:  Last night in a carefully orchestrated ceremony, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir not only.

Gravitational Waves Detected As Govt’s 1MDB/Donation Explanations Collapse Space, Time & Logic

WASHINGTON:  Today physicists at Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo) announced they have detected gravitational waves caused.

Budget recalibrating 2016 PM wishes 2013 PM hadn’t returned so much donor money

PUTRAJAYA:  Today the 2016 PM who is currently slashing the budget to address falling oil.

Girl not eating dinner lectured about starving students in Malaysia

LEEDS:  Fussy eater Penelope Primrose was given a serious talking to by her father last.

PM Sues The World

KUALA LUMPUR:  In a landmark legal case, today lawyers representing Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Tun.