Lim Kok Wing University Introduces Course In Handling Opportunistic Tweet Backlash

CYBERJAYA:  Students taking creative courses on Lim Kok Wing campuses have discovered in addition to.

Loyalists Suggest Putrajaya Go Back To Barisan So Anwar Can Lead Pakatan To Victory

KUALA LUMPUR: Facing backlash for staging a Port Dickson by-election, loyalists close to Datuk Seri.

New National Car A Clean Energy Vehicle That Runs On Govt Soft Loans

TOKYO:  Speaking to delegates at the 24th Nikkei Conference on the Future of Asia today,.

Papa Says You Can’t Have New Train Set Because Credit Card Maxed Out

PUTRAJAYA:  Still in shock after receiving a 1 trillion ringgit credit card statement, our nation’s.

Tun Warns Former Apprentice, “If You Strike Me Down I Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine!”

EPISODE IV  AN OLD HOPE. An old man has warned his former apprentice that despite.

Surgeons Retrieve Panelist’s Retracted Balls

PETALING JAYA: A team of surgeons at Hospital Kuala Lumpur announced they have successfully located.

Shah Alam Debate Cancelled For Safety Of Putrajaya Neighbours Only 30km Away

SHAH ALAM:  A scheduled debate between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

Dr M, Anwar Not An Official Alliance Until They Dance Together, Expert Suggests

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today political expediency analyst Abdullah Bin Bakar told Malaysians not to get too.

Surgeons remove patient’s head, promise to find replacement later, in world’s first Mahathirectomy

ROME:  Italian neurosurgeon, Dr Luigi Boscaiola today announced he had successfully completed the world’s first.

Dr M Rejoins Proton, Thanks PM For RM1.5bil

KUALA LUMPUR:  Just hours after the government announced Proton would receive a RM1.5bil ‘soft loan.

Dr M’s Anti-Najib Anti-Bersih protest sparks Uniqlo blue check sell out

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo admitted to selling out of men’s casual blue.

Tun Mahathir Kicked Out Of UMNO Whatsapp Chat Group

KUALA LUMPUR; In a move that has shocked party members across the country, former PM.

When I said we should censor the Internet I didn’t mean me, says Dr M

  CYBERSPACE:  Like a life form defending itself from attack, the Internet became self-aware this.