Facebook Outage Sparks Unscheduled Improvement In Race Relations

NATION: Malaysians have reported an unscheduled improvement in national harmony this morning after being unable.

Zuckerberg Recalls Najib Didn’t Seem That Smart Either

SILICON VALLEY:  In a recent interview with high tech analysts, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recounted.

Malaysian’s online Caucasian boyfriend turns out to be Caucasian

AMPANG:   A 42-year-old Malaysian woman was shocked to discover the Caucasian boyfriend she met on.

PM, UMNO considers suing Facebook over defamatory reader comments

Submitted by Offensive Internet Publications Editor, PUTRAJAYA:    Malaysian social media addicts were shocked today after.

Missing online: Malaysian fails to update Facebook status 6 hours

Submitted by Social Media Editor, BANGSAR:  Parents and friends of 21 year old Nur Aliza.

Facebook Conversation: The Hobbit