Budget Travelers Gather Round KLIA2 Charging Outlets Like Ancient Ancestors Once Did Around Fire

SEPANG: At 1AM last night, international travellers laying over at KLIA2 Gate P departure hall.

New KLIA2 Passenger Charge Only 4 Sen Per Step

KLIA2:  Malaysia Aviation Commission (Mavcom) officials confirmed today they have finally resolved their ongoing dispute.

AirAsia US Flights To Be Mostly Americans Fleeing Trump Presidency

SEPANG:  Today AirAsia confirmed it was confident newly announced flights between the United States and.

KLIA2 Should Be Called Long-Walk Carrier Terminal 2 (LWCT2), Say Passengers

SEPANG:  Today loyal AirAsia passengers rejected group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ suggestion KLIA2 should.

AirAsia announces flights from one side of KLIA2 to the other

Submitted by Forced Traveler Retail Therapy Editor, SEPANG:  Foot-weary budget travelers celebrated today after low-cost.

Move to KLIA2 or else we start building KLIA3 AirAsia told

Submitted by Obstinate Airline Editor, SEPANG: In a tersely worded statement, the government today threatened.