Malaysia Developing Driverless Car Capable Of Tailgating, Using Emergency Lanes

CYBERJAYA:   Today local technology startup Hia Today Bhd announced its new autonomous driver upgrade was.

Singapore Accuses Malaysia Of Acting Like It Has A New Govt

SINGAPORE: Supporters of Singapore Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan today slammed Malaysia for inconveniently revisiting.

China Proposes Cheaper High Speed Bus To Singapore

BEIJING: Disappointed after learning Prime Minister Tun Mahathir will scrap Malaysia’s RM100bil high-speed rail service.

Malaysia Intercepts Singaporean Boat People Fleeing Their GST

TANJUNG BIDARA: Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) officials have intercepted a boatload of Singaporeans seeking.

Singapore Escobar Owner Apologises, Will Rename Restaurant ‘El Chapo’

SINGAPORE:  Tonight sources close to a controversial China Square nightspot ‘Escobar,’ which had offended locals.

High Speed Rail To Cut Travel Time Between Politicians And Their Money

PUTRAJAYA: Today, Malaysian politicians praised the recently signed High-Speed Rail (HSR) agreement, as the 300kmh.

Singaporean Hipsters Say RM20 Johor Entry Fee Still Not Enough To Look Cool Being Seen There

SINGAPORE:   For many years, Singaporeans have escaped their country’s oppressive crime-free cleanliness, and endless queues.

Zouk DJ Steps Down For Son Of PM Who Isn’t Stepping Down

SINGAPORE:  Zouk nightclub attendees were outraged on the weekend when famous Egyptian DJ Fadi was.

Lee Kuan Yew Bans Gum, Introduces NS, and Economically Transforms Heaven

HEAVEN:   Mere hours after passing through the pearly gates this morning, Singapore’s founding father, Mentor.

Singaporeans Question Malaysia’s Football Pre-Match Nicotine Training Regime

SINGAPORE:  On the eve of today’s AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 do or die match, Singapore.

Singaporeans buy up iPhone 6 stocks then immediately move into queue for iPhone 7

Submitted by Kiasu Gadget Upgrade Editor, ORCHARD ROAD:  Hours after the last iPhone 6 units.

Malaysia trolls Singapore over crappy press freedom ranking

Submitted by Pot calling the Kettle editor, KUALA LUMPUR: News broke recently that out of.

Johor welcomes Singaporean tourists

Submitted by: Southern Regional Editor JOHOR:  Wealthy visitors from Singapore have enjoyed the many delights.